Product Features

Easy installation

Integrating with Orankl is incredibly easy. If you are using one of our supported platforms, it's a one click installation, otherwise it’s as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code.

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Dashboard to manage reviews

We give you a dashboard where you can manage all your reviews and interact with your customers. We notify you every time you get a review so that you always know what people think about the products you're selling.

Private messages with reviewers

Engage with your reviewers via private message in a simple and friendly way. Reviews are not isolated events in time, sometimes they uncover problems about your product that should be addressed. Furthermore, it's always a good opportunity to bond with your customers and thank them for their feedback.

Review reminders

A few days after your customers make a purchase in your store we send them an email reminding them to submit a review. We have optimized this email thoroughly to maximize the number of reviews you get. This feature helps you create a positive feedback loop, where you will sell more products because you have more reviews and you will get more reviews because you sell more products.

Customizable review form

Collect specific information about your products by adding extra questions to the review form. It's almost like a mini-survey for your customers.

Smart Email Marketing

Orankl analyses all your customers data: products they clicked on your website, reviews and purchase patterns to recommend products tailored to each customer individually. We figure out cross/up-sales opportunities automatically so that you don’t miss a sale. Personalized email is one of the most powerful marketing tools, which has been used by the most successful online merchants like Amazon, and we are giving it for you.

Supports multiple languages

With Orankl it does not matter where you are selling products. Reach any market around the world with Orankl's multi language support.

Increase sales, traffic and user engagement

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